Do you believe there is a demimonde? A half-world between what we know and what we fear? (x)

friendly reminder that I actually specifically warn people in my sidebar that I’m probably an asshole

"probably" is used here merely as a word to soften the blow of the statement rather than to denote actual probability of said statement

actual probability of said statement is more definite than probable

I am definitely an asshole

also definitely not an asshole on purpose. it’s just a naturally occurring aspect of my personality.


My favorite SW-battle ever!

Anonymous said:
yo I think the point is and the reason that people are angry is that it wasn't a rape scene in the book, and yet they felt the need to make it one in the show, which begs the question...why?

Maybe I should have specified that I actually really dislike Game of Thrones (I watch it with my boyfriend) and am not invested in any of the characters or situations, and also am absolutely not the kind of Tumblr user who cares at all about social justice the way most tumblr users seem to care about it. I don’t take anything very seriously, including real life horrors, because shit happens and making light of it is a very good coping mechanism.

SPOILERS btw, cuz I can’t tag it while I’m on mobile…

But to answer your question in proper Tumblr parlance:

The writers of the show changed things from the book because the writers wanted more sex on the show and are cishet monsters who think rape is *~so edgy and sexy~* and are contributing to rape culture etc etc. That’s clearly the correct tumblr answer.

From my understanding, Jamie’s behavior was out of character for him compared to how he is in the book. I care about consistent characterization in general, so that sucks, especially for fans of his.

I would bet you that the writers would say that Cersei wasn’t actually saying no because she was kissing him back, so “it’s all okay” in their minds.

By understanding what the writers would say, that doesn’t mean I agree with it. Just saying that’s probably why they thought it was okay to write things that way.

To be honest I laughed during that scene because I thought they were gonna bone on Joffrey’s corpse and that would have been hilarious.


Simcoe aka Sass Master

Turn: Of Cabbages and Kings


Just watched the pilot and let me tell you, this IS a witches show. Unlike the campy AHS: Coven, Salem is dark, and that’s what I really wanted to see in a series about fucking witches, beautiful and weird dark magic. 

I don’t know what people expect from a fantasy show, rape is par for the course in that genre

that’s one of many reasons I’m into science fiction and not fantasy

stereotypical swords & sorcery fantasy is not a fun place for ladies to play


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